Monday, 7 March 2011

Blog the 3rd

This week it’s out with military fashion and in with biker chic. It might be a bit too out there for some of us but biker chic fashion is everywhere. Skinny jeans, biker boots, soft leather and stud detail are all part of the look however this does not mean that you have to wear all these elements together. Pick out one or two pieces to give your outfit that full throttle look. Iconic British brand Burberry have taken the biker look under their wing with their new collection Heritage Biker featuring peplum wasp-waisted biker jackets and metallic leather motorcycle pants to create the ultimate biker look.
Heritage Biker range Burberry
The high street is also bringing affordable biker fashion to our attention, Top Shop have a wide range of biker chic looks and have managed to bring a softer biker look through for those who want to stay casual with soft and subtle elements of this trend.  
Subtle biker look at Top Shop
My particular favourite part of the biker look is the biker boot. This particular element of biker trend has been around for some time now but it is by no means a shoe of the past. Whether heeled of flat the biker boot is a must to complete the full biker look. I bought a beautiful pair of biker boots from Dorothy Perkins a few months back and they haven’t been off my feet since. They are comfortable, stylish and complete every outfit in my wardrobe.
Dorothy Perkins biker boots £50
This week I finally got my new tattoo at the Manchester Tattoo Convention. It was a great experience and so much more fun than sitting in a tattoo parlour staring at nothing but four walls. The convention itself was brilliant and some of the art work that was on show was really beautiful. The strangest tattoo of the day would have to be the cover of the film The Shining featuring Jack Nicholson which one man got on his back. This tattoo took 7 hours but looked brilliant. My tattoo took a painful 4 hours (which sounds like nothing to the 7 hours The Shining man sat through). The pain was awful but the outcome was incredible and I am over the moon with it. I would defiantly visit the convention again in the future but as for another tattoo for myself... who knows!
Getting my Tattoo at the Manchester Tattoo Convention

My new tattoo all finished
I have recently bought Adele’s new album 21 which is stunning. Every track shows off her amazing vocals with my particular favourite being Someone Like You, especially after the amazing performance she made at the Brits. It is a must hear album for all music lovers.

Thanks for reading, see you again next week.
Lauren x

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